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Here at Euro Flooring & Stone, we specialize in bathroom tile work, luxury stone countertops, and full bathroom remodels.


If your bathroom is older and in desperate need of an update, or it just isn’t the vision of the perfect spa-bathroom you’ve always dreamed of, we can do every aspect of your remodel. Work with one expert contractor who can do it all, (as well as affordable source over 600 colors of granite) from a minor update to a full remodel.


Tile and bathrooms are a match made in heaven. Ceramic or natural stone holds up perfectly to the constant moisture and doesn’t deteriorate, leaving homeowners with easy-to-clean surfaces that look lovely and epitomize luxury. And when it comes to the modern tiled bathroom, the tile can encompass the entire shower stall or tub surround, as well as the floors, the counters, even the walls. Add as much or as little tile as you want to your custom bathroom remodel.


There are no limits to the gorgeous designs that can be done in bathroom tile, whether marble, granite, ceramic, travertine, slate, mosaic or any other natural stone. Borders, details, subtle or dramatic color combinations—the possibilities for exciting design are truly endless. Even grouting has come a long way, with grout available in a wide variety of colors for further design inspiration.


We invite you to take advantage of our professional bathroom tile design expertise when you do your bathroom remodel. Our highly trained and experienced teams do your install quickly, efficiently, and beautifully, leaving no mess behind.


You can count on our high-quality workmanship, our outstanding customer service, and our incredible array of fairly priced natural stone tiles and countertops. Isn’t it time you finally had the bathroom of your dreams?


Note to our clients: Please ask us how to fit your bathroom remodel ideas into your budget. We might be able to offer suggestions for bringing down costs by using similar but different materials or other cost-saving ideas.


For a bathroom remodel we do:

  • New flooring

  • New countertops

  • New lighting

  • New bathroom fixtures

  • New shower/tub/spa

  • New vanity

  • Shower remodel

  • Tub to shower conversion

Euro Flooring & Stone

5951 Marion Drive, Unit 1
Denver, CO 80216
Phone: 303-955-4830

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