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Stone is our main area of expertise! We are excited to bring our customers the highest quality natural stone along with professional design services and the most expert installations.


Euro Flooring & Stone is your expert supplier and installer of luxury stone applications featuring Travertine, Granite (in 600 different colors), Marble, Slate, Quartz, and Geran Jura Limestone.


*Please drop by our Denver showroom to see some of the granite colors and styles we have available.


Natural stone should be considered a valuable investment in a home or business. Not just for counters, we offer unique stone designs and applications for both residential and commercial properties. We specialize in finding and installing the perfect type and color stone for your kitchen and bathroom countertop remodels, custom designed and built fireplaces, stone interior walls and flooring, decorative stone tiles for backsplashes, shower stalls, and much more.


Choosing the Right Type of Stone

As with any other material, natural stones have various different attributes. Some are better suited to one application than another. Feel free to take advantage of our expertise when choosing the stone for your new countertop, fireplace, or floor.


Here’s a rundown of the basic characteristics of the most popular types of luxury natural stone.


Travertine: this natural stone is characterized by some veining and a variety of warm colors. Beautiful for floors and walls, not usually chosen for kitchen countertops due to low density. Naturally water resistant.


Marble: this natural stone is characterized by its distinctive “veining” and comes in a wide variety of colors. Used on floors, walls, bathroom countertops.


Granite: this natural stone has a “busy” look and comes in a huge array of colors. Used for floors and bars. Granite is extremely hard, making it perfect for countertops in the kitchen or bathroom.


Slate: this natural stone has a rough texture and comes in a variety of grey/black colors. Generally used for flooring.


Quartz: also known as engineered stone, this product is increasingly popular for countertops. It’s non-porous, resists staining, chipping, and cracking, and since it is a manufactured stone it comes in a much wider array of colors than some of the natural stones do.


Geran Jura: a type of limestone that comes in beige or grey, with a non-uniform background that is characterized by signs of darker colored fossils. A hard stone, its used for flooring, walls, facades, bathroom shower enclosures, and more.


Please contact us today at Euro Flooring & Stone for more information about your natural stone project, whether large or small. We offer free estimates, rapid delivery and installation for all projects, and customer service guaranteed to please.

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