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Kitchen1 Remodel

At Euro Flooring & Stone, we pride ourselves on offering outstanding customer service along with luxury custom remodels and stone installations. This means free estimates for jobs, competitive quotes in writing, expert modern design services, and installers who are not contract workers but our company employees, deeply invested in your complete satisfaction.


Whether clients are looking to remodel a home for their own enjoyment or to appreciate its resale value—or both—we offer the best of both worlds with uniquely beautiful stone and tile available at fair, affordable prices.


At Euro Flooring & Stone, we are deeply appreciative of your business, because we know that there are many flooring and tile installation companies out there. Our reputation is the success of our business and we always go the extra mile for our customers.


The Euro Flooring & Stone Difference

  • We source stunning, highest-quality granite—600 different colors of it—at prices that make our customers smile.

  • We customize designs to each client’s tastes and specifications, with styles ranging from traditional to contemporary, simple to highly detailed and elaborate.

  • We offer one-stop shopping and service for your interior residential and commercial remodeling needs.

  • Why work with a variety of different contractors, each with their own timeframes and ways of getting a job done, when you can do it all with us for a competitive price?

  • We work with you at every stage of your remodel or tile/stone project, from initial idea to sourcing just the right stone to expert installations.

  • Our team consists of dedicated craftsmen who take pride in the quality of their work and the satisfaction of a job well done.

  • We offer rapid delivery and completion of projects, finishing on or before our estimated date.

  • Our installers respect your time by showing up on time, respect your home by keeping the workspace tidy and cleaning up after themselves and respect our joint contract by leaving you with beautiful new kitchens/bathrooms/flooring/tilework or whatever service you purchased.


Our reputation means everything to us. Here’s what just one of our many satisfied customers had to say about working with Euro Flooring & Stone:

SEE OUR TESTIMONIALS PAGE for reviews from our clients.

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