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Why natural stone or tile floors?

  • Nothing says elegance like porcelain.

  • Nothing says tradition like travertine.

  • Nothing says prestige and longevity like slate.

  • Nothing says versatility and vast array of choices like ceramic.

  • Nothing says permanence and everlasting style like gleaming hardwood floors.


Let’s face it. Nothing says luxury like natural stone, custom tile, and hardwood flooring.

Euro Flooring & Stone offers the fine flooring you are looking for, the type that makes an incredible wow factor in any room of the home or any kind of commercial space. We do custom designed floors for both residential and commercial buildings, using any natural stone material or any combination our clients choose, along with gorgeous hardwood floors that will stand the test of time. Working with remodels and brand new construction, with homeowners, business owners, contractors, builders, and architects.


High-quality stone or wood flooring is an investment that will add value to your home or business. Euro Flooring and Stone offers rapid delivery and installation of projects, highly skilled and detail oriented installers, and superb customer service to meet your luxury flooring needs.


Let us create a custom floor design that makes the most of the natural stone’s beauty and subtle colors and characteristics. We can turn your floor into a beautiful mosaic. Or we can do a straightforward install because when you have the right, high-quality materials, no natural stone, tile, or hardwood floor could ever be called anything but gorgeous.


Whether it’s a kitchen, a bathroom, a foyer, and hallway, or the entire open layout of a home’s main floor . . . or perhaps the lobby of a hotel, convention center, or theater, we bring our expertise and passion into every flooring job. Our installers have the experience and the know-how to do it right, working efficiently, neatly, and leaving behind nothing but stunningly beautiful, polished luxury floors.


Hardwood floors are a true luxury classic, sought after by homeowners and business owners alike to add warmth and beauty to any space. When you think hardwood, think durability and variety.


When most people do a renovation, they purchase the flooring they like best, without looking at the big picture as to which one is most durable and offers the best ROI. Hardwood floors are an investment in a home that adds real dollar value and are much sought after by home buyers in any economy.


Benefits of hardwood flooring.

  • Hardwood provides an excellent return on investment, adding value to a home as we already mentioned.


  • Hardwood floors are eternally popular, timeless, and never out of style. But if styles of flooring do change, they can be stripped and refinished to the more modern color or finish of the moment.


  • Hardwood is undeniably beautiful, with varying types of wood showing off interesting grains, knots, and other markings that make them unique.


  • Hardwood is exceptionally durable as a flooring material, especially as compared to carpet and other lesser quality materials that will need to be replaced when they wear out. Hardwood can last the lifetime of the home if properly taken care of. This makes hardwood flooring a better financial choice as well, even though the initial investment might be higher.


  • Hardwood flooring is healthier than carpets which trap dirt and dust, or synthetic products that off gas. Dirt, dust, and pollens can easily be cleaned from a hardwood floor.


  • New hardwood floors are low maintenance, only requiring cleaning and the occasional refinishing to keep them looking spectacular for decades to come.


We can install your new hardwood floor in any size space. Hardwood floors can be made of traditional American wood such as oak, pine, maple, cherry, white ash, hickory or pecan, fir, or more exotic imported hardwoods such as teak, eucalyptus, and others. Likewise, the wood can be virgin or distressed and reclaimed.


Hardwood can be installed in a variety of styles, from traditional narrow or wide plank to classic parquet, chevron designs, and more. It can be stained in a wide variety of colors and finished with a wide variety of finishes from matte to high gloss.


Euro Flooring and Stone does expert hardwood floor installations for a competitive price. Let us help you bring the beauty of hardwood into your home, office, or other commercial space.


Please contact us today for more information or for a bid on a luxury hardwood flooring job.



While we are certainly passionate advocates of natural stone and hardwood floors, we don’t look down our noses at high-quality wall-to-wall carpeting either. Carpet is great for rooms where you want a bit of softness or a warmer, cozier feel.


Talk to us about our expert carpet installations! We install carpet tight and right.


Are You Ready to Completely Revamp Your Space With Gorgeous New Floors?

Please contact us today by phone or online with any flooring questions, for a free estimate, or to make an appointment for a luxury flooring project using natural stone, tile, or beautiful hardwoods.

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